Purler Camp Review

So my son went to the Purler Takedown Machine Camp this week in Missouri along with one of his teammates who was 3rd 2a states this year.  Was held at a state park in Troy Mo.  They had bunkhouses for the kids to stay in on site.  About 20 beds in an old 1 room building with a couple showers and toilets.  There are several of these buildings.  Interesting enough they are building a new facility with dorms for next year.

Each week has 50 kids so the student to teacher ratio was good.

In the 18 hour drive back we had some discussions about the camp. Both enjoyed it. Both felt they learned several things and had a bunch of reps.

They taught a core set of moves. A couple each two hour session which left plenty of time to drill and (hopefully) perfect it.

There was three sessions a day.  Meals were pretty simple, subs at lunch, pasta and pizza at dinner along with salads each meal.

My son said he would go back next year for this camp and to combine it with the others. (They have a 23 day camp)

The other kid said he would go back as well but would prefer the other camps because he has now been through the takedown system and it would be the same thing next year.

If they came down to Florida and was in Tampa,  or at a school where they would let the kids crash in the gym, or maybe had host families and make sure they ate and made it back and forth we would sign up in a heartbeat. I work from home and it is hard even for me to get away for 10 days so for us it will be up north.

He estimated in 5 days he did about 2500-3000 takedowns.

Both kids said for what it is worth it is very similar to what Coach Cozart teaches at Brandon.

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